Are you actively updating?

The latest article I found, “How Updating Old Posts Can Increase SEO Traffic”, is perfect for linking something I mentioned in my last blog and what I’m about to write in this one. In my last blog post I talked about social media optimization. No, this post isn’t quite about that. What I mean is that I mentioned one of my peers at Pace giving advice about creating content on social media, specifically the third tip: it’s okay to re-purpose/recycle older material.

This article on Search Engine Journal talks about it being okay, and actually encourages, updating old posts. This article lists several steps starting with what posts are even worth updating (which brings organic traffic on their own). Then it discusses what to flesh out, what to remove (old “anchors” or “links” that might be old or removed). Then following these first two important steps are additional suggestions that author Tom Demers recommends. His recommendations take looks at what posts from several years ago might be missing in today’s website world, especially in an environment that is constantly changing and developing 24/7.

I was interested in this post because I, myself, have some old blog posts that I’ve done two or three years ago on various blog spaces (wordpress and blogger). Which I’m sure now would not be relevant or links I referenced might be inactive. If they were to come up in someone else’s search result list and it was inaccurate or had bad links, the user would be frustrated with the site, leave angrily, and then my blog finds its way to the complete back of results pile (which can be pages upon pages). After reading through some of this I think that I may revise some older stuff I’ve posted (in what little free time I have, right now).

If you’re interested in figuring out what steps you need to take to update your former sites or if your site ever needs updated at all, check out the link:


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