Is your social media profile netWORKING for you?

This article is about 12 different and free social media tools. I figured most of the time the search engine journal has tips about how to optimize websites or web content when searched, so analyzing tips for more mobile and constantly changing content might be interesting as well.

Most of us in this class typically find our “interests for the day” from what’s trending on our social media feeds because that’s what people are age and younger are constantly going to for information, validation, and etc. It is one thing to scroll through and read the content on social media, but it’s a whole different thing to be the content creator. Beyond that doing it in a way that the information is catching enough that others want to share it, thus becoming viral.

There’s been one person that I’ve ever met, who (here at Pace University) has ever created viral content and/or reach double-digit thousand followers. I’ve heard her give three main pointers when it comes to creating viral content/being impactful on social media. (1) Know your audience – most of the time they’re the initial ones who are going to share or assist your post’s movement, (2)Figure out what’s trending right now –one easy way for your  hashtags or posts to get noticed faster, (3)Don’t be afraid to recirculate old “material” or content – sometimes you’re just ahead of the curve and something you wrote months ago is more relevant today than it was then.

This search engine article gives tips by means of social media management tools, that are free to all – and who doesn’t love FREE. The 12 tools mentioned are: Mention, IceRocket, Addictomatic, SumAll, IFTTT, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, TweetDeck, Rapportive, Swayy, Qzzr, I wouldn’t dare sit here and repeat in detail what all 12 do, because they’re all different from one another. Like the profiles on the people they assist, these social media management tools do a variety of things, from retrieving all of your data from any (an every) social network a user has to connecting with people with similar demographics but while using a completely different application or website (i.e. information can be pulled for LinkedIn purposes but from gmail/google circles).  The choice of which tool or tools to use is dependent upon the creator’s intentions with their content.

Check the link to find out more information and get linked to the social media management tools:


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