Invest in content, otherwise you’ll likely miss out

This article talks about why and what content is most beneficial to website designers and their websites. I agree with the author’s point about it being essential to invest in quality content. The volume of websites literally grows by the hundreds and thousands daily. It’s not enough for your website to website to just stand out. Sure, whatever made your website stand out drove the traffic there, but what keeps the visitor there or gets them to return? It’s the valuable content on your page that they’re looking for and actually want to read. Anyone can create a flashy website but by a few clicks into the site the visitor can see if it’s junk or not.

In brief summary the author says that if you invest into content like infographics, authoritative blog posts, standout opinion pieces, how-to-content, original research pieces, trending content, videos. I found a majority of these to be interesting, however not surprising. I wasn’t surprised because during this entire semester our professor (for my Web Design course) has been having us write blog posts and create infographics. I knew there was clearly a reason for doing them otherwise there wouldn’t be such an emphasis on them. My blogs lack but truthfully I do them to meet the course requirement. I could however see where they could be beneficial and useful to a website. However crafting a blog, a quality blog, takes a lot of time and mindfulness that right now, I just don’t have.  The infographics however are very interesting and very challenging. It has to be done in a way that gets a message or story across with virtually no words. I did one but still could not make it near wordless (however there aren’t too many words). Finally I leave you with the reasons that the author suggests for investing in quality content is: high return on investment (ROI), supporting other strategies, diversifying your online presence, help you compete (against other similar interest websites), and it’s inexpensive (especially important).


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